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Digital Marketing Internship!

Apply for Arizona Drone Photography LLC's Digital Marketing Internship! You will learn valuable skills and tools to put on a resume that will put you a step ahead of the competition. 


What You Will Learn

  • Basic digital marketing knowledge focused on SEO and content creation

  • Experience with digital marketing tools / software used by marketers

  • Marketing lingo vocabulary used in the workplace amongst experts

  • Research skills to overcome knowledge gaps and deliver results

  • How to communicate your experience through a resume to land a job or paid internship

What You Will Do

You will participate in weekly training meetings to go over new skills and tools at the start of the week. These are designed to build your marketing expertise and get you real skills that you will use in the workplace. Some of these will be live virtual meetings, and others will be recorded trainings.

The main project we will be working on together as a team is to build up a blog page targeting the FPV Drones niche. Our goal is get this blog to appear high on the Google Search Results Page. You will spend time writing to create content to upload onto the blog every week. Writing may not sound very exciting to you, but the rest is worth on...

You will also get hand's on experience using SEO strategies to identify opportunities to drive traffic to the blog. This includes researching and evaluating keywords to target, researching competitors efforts, and analyzing competitor websites. 

Theses are valuable skills that digital marketers do every day and companies pay big $ for to do it right. Having this on your resume will make you stand out to potential employers compared to your peers.

Format / Eligibility

This internship is unpaid and will be 100% remote. Interns are required to have access to a computer and internet. Instruction will be given at the start of each week and interns will be expected to achieve weekly and biweekly project deliverables.

Interns must be at least 16 years old to be considered eligible for the internship.

The internship will commence on Monday 9/19/2022 and last for a period of 3 months (Ending 12/16/2022), with the option to continue for another 3 month period starting in January. 

Time Commitment

​This internship requires 5 – 8 hours a week of your time. You may choose how much time you would like to dedicate to this, but you must work a minimum of 5 hours a week. 3 hours a week will be dedicated to delivering an article to post on the project website.

The rest of your time (2 – 5 hours) will be dedicated to your learning and experience in various marketing topics. I encourage interns to invest more time than minimum 5 hours if possible to get the most value from this internship for yourself.  



Reach out via email here:

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