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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Virtual Tours in Your Listings

If you haven’t made the jump already to using 3d tours in your listings, this article may help to convince you. Technology is always advancing. Those who stay up to date with it are able to leverage the benefits (and by benefits, we of course mean $) in their businesses. Virtual Tours are one of the hottest new technologies for the real estate industry. The following five reasons are sure to give you that push you need to adopt them with your clients.

1.) Buyers are requesting them

According to a study performed by Zillow® in 2021, the most requested digital tools by home buyers shopping online were 3d virtual tours and the ability to view a digital floor plan. Big hint for doing any kind of business: give the people what they want! Real estate agents should be taking advantage of this trend to get in front of more clients

2.) The property stands out

Related to the first point – people want virtual tours, so give them virtual tours. Doing so will attract potential buyers to your listing over one that doesn’t have tours. Virtual tours take several minutes to click through, so they ensure that more time and attention is being spent on your listing. Plus, they just look really cool and are fun to use!

3.) Less time is wasted on non-buyers

Arguably, the biggest buying-decision moment happens when the new potential owners take that first step in the front door. 3d tours allow you to extend that experience virtually. This will help increase the efficiency of the buying process and reduce the time that a home is on the market.

4.) They are great marketing material

A simple enough point! They do look fantastic, and everyone likes to “ooh” and “ahh” over a beautiful home. Another way to get more people looking at your properties and at yourself as an agent. When you show you are using virtual tours, it gives the impression to others that you are a serious agent and don’t cut corners when it comes to selling.

5.) You can show off more features

Unless you upload hundreds of photos, there’s just no way to show off all the angles you’d like to. Providing a virtual tour solves that problem for you. They help the client take in every detail and better imagine themselves living there.

Additionally, Matterport® virtual tours create a 3d twin of your property that allows you to zoom out to look at the property as a whole. You can even make accurate measurements within the virtual tour for those who like to see the numbers.

Start with 3d tours

Hopefully, you’ve seen how investing in virtual tours can help your publicity and sales. If you have questions about how to use virtual tours, see this guide on the subject. Alternatively, you could ask your local real estate photographer. They likely will be able to guide you in the process.

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