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Go Pro Hero 10 Bones FAQ’s

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

GoPro recently released two versions of their newest camera. One of these, the Hero 10 Bones, is built specifically for FPV drones. FPV pilots have been modifying older versions of GoPro’s for awhile now in order to make them more lightweight. However, this is the very first time that GoPro has created their own version of what’s called a Naked GoPro.

Since this is a new product, there are bound be some questions from late adopters as to how this camera works. My initial impression is that this camera is awesome! Hopefully the sections below can answer some initial questions you may have.

What Resolution does the GoPro Hero 10 Bones Have?

You can customize any of the presets to shoot at these resolutions: 1080, 2.7k, 2.7k 4:3, 4k, 4k 4:3, 5k 4-3, and 5.3k.

What Frames Per Second does the GoPro Hero 10 Bones Have?

The GoPro Bones can shoot at 24, 30, 60, 120, and 240 fps. However, not all resolutions support every frame rate. For example, you cannot shoot at 5.3k and 240 fps. The highest resolution that supports 240 fps is 2.7k.

Video Modes

The GoPro Hero 10 Bones action camera comes with 5 preset video modes: Standard, Basic, Action, Cinematic, and Super Slow-Mo. BUT! These are just presets and are fully customizable.


GoPro’s latest action camera comes has a version built specifically for mounting on an FPV drone. The camera’s mount bracket is smaller than the typical GoPro, however it comes with an adapter to allow you to use it on regular GoPro mounts.

Bones does not come with an internal battery, but instead requires power from the drone itself. This is meant to be hard-wired directly into its electronics. However, there are adapters you can buy to make the camera detachable and power directly from a lipo battery.


To make this camera as lightweight as possible, there is no screen included. You can control this camera through the GoPro Quik app which works very well. There is a barcode in the manual that you put in front of the camera to scan and sync it with your app to control through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your smart phone.

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